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Regarding Expensive Whiskies

Regarding the Dalmore 59 that was sold at auction for £83,640, Forbes has an article about an investment fund that is trying to capitalise on the rising values of rare and fine whiskies.

The fund managers are trying to raise 25 million euros to establish the first publicly traded fund based on the ownership of bottles of whisky.

The Single Malt Fund is not the first fund to invest in the whisky industry nor is it the first publicly traded spirits fund. It will be, however, the first publicly traded fund that invests in physical bottles of whisky.

More on this can also be found at Atlas Obscura.

This is only likely to put more upwards pressure on the price of rare and fine whiskies, driving more “ordinary” whisky lovers out of that end of the market.

Record Price for Single Malt at Auction

Updated to include the actual sale price of the whisky

From The Press and Journal on 5th February regarding the sale at auction of a bottle of whisky for £82,619:

An unnamed buyer stumped up the cash to buy the rare whisky, an expression of The Dalmore, produced at Alness, on Friday evening.

With only 20 bottles released in 2011, The Dalmore Eos 59-year-old is highly sought after by private collectors.

The purchase price in Hong Kong is still a long way short of the £212,000 paid for a bottle of 50-year-old Yamazaki Japanese single malt at a Sotheby’s auction in the Chinese territory last month.

And it is well shy of the £125,000 paid by a Chinese businessman for a bottle of The Dalmore 62 at Changi Airport, in Singapore, in 2011.

But it is thought to be a world record-breaker for a near standard-sized bottle of Scotch.

The most expensive whisky ever sold at auction was a six-litre (1.3 gallon) Macallan M decanter, named, Constantine, which in 2014 achieved a price of £381,620 at a Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong.

Our club members have been fortunate enough to sample some rare and expensive whiskies over the years, but nothing as rare or expensive as this.

Slainte Mhath to the buyer!